TLC Medical Transport Inc.

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The current virus pandemic continues to present unique challenges for healthcare providers and those providing support services. In an effort to reduce potential spread, we are deploying the following enhanced policies and procedures help protect passengers and employees:

  • Focused Transportation
    • We are pleased to remain open – providing local and long-distance transportation for trips considered “medically necessary”; including, but are not limited to, facility discharges and routine treatments essential to one’s overall health and well-being
    • We ask that patients experiencing flu-like symptoms be rescheduled
    • Whenever possible, patients will be received and returned to the entrance main lobby of each facility versus individual rooms
  • Limit Expose
    • Employees experiencing flu-like symptoms are to remain home
    • Drivers are instructed, to the best of their ability, avoid direct contact with anyone unrelated to the transfer or transport of a patient
    • Drivers will practice “social distancing” while both on and off duty
    • Passengers are asked to create distance by sitting in the back seat.
    • Drivers will ensure proper ventilation.
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is utilized
      • Transport for COVID-19 testing (ambulatory riders only)
        • Protective barrier between driver & passenger compartments.
        • Face Mask or Universal N-95 Mask
        • Gloves
        • Face Shield or Goggles
      • Confirmed COCID-19 member (ambulatory riders only)
        • Protective barrier between driver & passenger compartments.
        • N-95 Respirator or PAPR
        • Gloves
        • Face Shield or Goggles
  • Clean & Sanitize
    • Each vehicle carries ample cleaning supplies. Drivers are instructed to sanitize vehicles, wheelchairs, and equipment at the start and end of each shift and after the completion of each transport
    • All vehicles are to be sprayed with an EPA disinfectant aerosol after each transport.
    • Doors of the vehicle remain open during transfer of the member and decontamination.
    • Once the member is out of the car, drivers will remove all protective equipment and washtheir hands or use high alcohol content hand sanitizer before getting back into the car.
    • All surfaces that came in contact with the passenger are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

We are committed to practicing preventing care to better serve you, our clients, and community. Please feel free to contact us with possible questions or requests for transportation.