TLC Medical Transport Inc.

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TLC Medical Transport Policies

  • Safe, comfortable, and courteous service.
  • On-time service as scheduled by the dispatcher.
  • Information presented in an appropriate format.
  • Appeal any actions that result in a denial of service.
The passenger has the responsibility to:
  • Be ready for the driver by the scheduled pick-up time.
  • Inform the dispatcher of any special assistance needs.
  • Inform TLC Medical Transport of any service problems (or exemplary service).
Refund Policy: We offer a 75% refund if a ride is canceled with more than a 48-hour notice, 50% if cancelled within 24 hours, and no refund if the ride is cancelled the day of the trip. Door-to-door service: This means the driver will meet the passenger at the door of his or her pick-up location then assist the passenger to their destination. This policy applies to all non-stretcher rides.
  1. For the safety and protection of both the driver and the passenger, the driver will NOT go into a private residence for any reason.
  2. At health care facilities or other public buildings, the driver may enter the common area only.
    1. Passengers will be brought to the common area or received at the common area by facility staff.
    2. The driver will NOT go beyond the common area to retrieve the passenger.
  3. Passengers are provided assistance when entering and exiting the vehicle as needed.
  4. The driver will secure any mobility device utilized by the passenger.
  5. The driver will assist securing the passenger with the available passenger restraint system.
Bed to bed Stretcher service is available for customers that are in need of Stretcher Transport: Passengers can be picked up from a room at their place of residence or medical facility and conveyed seamlessly to their destination. Personal Care Attendant Policy Definition:     A Personal Care Attendant (PCA) is a family member or someone designated specifically to help an individual with a disability meet his or her personal needs in daily living activities. Registering the PCA:
  1. Individuals who need extensive assistance in traveling (beyond that which our driver can provide), including lifting, carrying, support during the ride, and behavior control, must arrange for a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) to accompany and assist them.
  2. A PCA is allowed to ride with the passenger free of charge providing the passenger has registered his/her PCA prior to bringing them on-board the vehicle.
  3. To register their PCA, a passenger must contact our offices at least 24 hours in advance of the first ride where this assistance is required.
    1. Name of the PCA is preferred but not required as the individual providing the assistance may change depending upon availability or level of care needed on a given day.
    2. It is not necessary for the passenger or the PCA to contact our office because the person providing the services of the PCA has changed.