TLC Medical Transport Inc.

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Does your hospital need a reliable way of transport for your patients?

Here at TLC medical transport, we make it our job to provide a comfortable experience for patients that need hospital transportation. Our experienced team of drivers is punctual, reliable, and hospitable, which has set us apart in the industry. We take every necessary precaution to ensure that your patients get to and from their destination on time and with excellent care. With our ever-growing fleet of vehicles available, we have just about every type of wheelchair-accessible van you can imagine. Visit our wheelchair transportation page for more information on vehicles available to your patients.

We also work alongside surgery, rehabilitation centers and hospice facilities.

Besides hospital transportation services, we also offer the same reliable service to surgery, rehabilitation centers, and hospice facilities. While we mainly work directly with institutions, we also provide these services privately for any individual that needs medical transportation. Do you want to know whether we can accommodate your medical facility for your next appointment? Feel free to reach out to us to get you scheduled.