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A chair that is better than a stretcher

1. Safer

With no vertical lifting and reducing the transfer weight, the entire transfer process is safer for both passengers andproviders. No-lift NEMT reduces risk, liability, and most of all, provides a safer environment overall. Using a WC19 crash-tested wheelchair with equipped with safety harnesses, prevents passengers from falling out of the wheelchair or beingdropped during transfers or while loading and unloading into a vehicle.

2. More Efficient

With aBroda® Synthesis Transport (WC19), a roll board and No-lift NEMT process, moving a patient becomes quick and efficient. The No-lift NEMT process will accommodate ambulatory, all wheelchair transports and 95% of gurneyscheduled transports.

3. More Comfortable

For patients and passengers, No-lift NEMT is pampering at its best. Transports can be uncomfortable and undignifiedfor some passengers. One of the chief aims of No-lift NEMT is to restore more dignity to patients requiring transporationin a wheelchair or gurney. With no lifting required, patients are moved gently and respectfully from their beds to a state-of-the-artBroda® Synthesis Transport (WC19) in the No-lift NEMT process. Once in theBroda® Synthesis Transport (WC19), passengers can be transported upright and facing forward in the vehicle. The chair’s incredible versatility, tilt-in- space, and reclining options allows providers to configure the chair and position the passengers in the best seating forcomfort.

4. Cost Effective

No-lift NEMT is less expensive than stretcher transport. Over 95% of NEMT transports did not require a gurney inoneNIH study.

5. More Dignified

Elderly and disabled passengers are already in a vulnerable position and need extra care. Why should so manypassengers and providers undergo cumbersome wheelchair and gurney transports? With No-Lift NEMT passengers can easily be moved into a fully-reclining wheelchair, riding upright with all the safety of a WC19-compliant and crash-testedwheelchair. Somehow in caring for our own, we’ve taken shortcuts and settled for the status quo, not knowing anopportunity for a better way existed. No-lift NEMT brings dignity, respect, comfort and safety to medical transportation.

6. More Access to Care

Studies have shown that patients or individuals who are bed bound or confined to wheelchairs can have difficultyreceiving the care they need. Missed medical appointments are a significant obstacle to patient care. There is adirectlink to patient health and reliable medical transportation. The No-Lift NEMT process removes real barriers preventingpatients from getting the care they need.

7. More Compliant

WC19 is a safety standard for crash protection in wheelchairs. Similar to the legal requirements that all states andterritories have adopted regarding thesafety of child seats in motor vehicles, WC19 establishes design requirements, test procedures, and performance requirements for wheelchairs to travel safely in a vehicle. Unlike child seat regulations,however, the WC19 standard is currently voluntary. No-Lift NEMT is a process which allows providers to successfullyimplement WC19 into nearly all NEMT trips, today.

The Benefits of a New Generation of Transport

Discover the safest and easiest way to transport patients who are at risk for falling or who are dependent on a wheelchair or gurney.

  • Over 95% of NEMT transports did not require a gurney in oneNIH study.
  • Fully-reclining option allow for lateral transfer, reducing injury risk, patient drops and falls.
  • WC19-compliant , crash tested and designed to be used in a motor vehicle.
  • Recline and tilt to comfort allows you to position to the passengers individual needs.
  • Engineered to reduce slipping, sliding and falling out of wheelchairs during transfer and transport.
  • Allows patients to sit up and face forward in a vehicle.
  • Acceptable for ambulatory, wheelchair, and 95% of gurney-scheduled transports.
  • Patients able to sit upright in bed they do not require a gurney and better suited for No-lift NEMT
  • Patients not able to sit up for extended periods of time in a standard wheelchair can now go in aBroda® Synthesis Transport (WC19)
  • Our No-Lift NEMT process is an easier, safer, more efficient, and more comfortable transportation option.